Uncertified Sprayers Subject to Fines

November 10, 2017

ISA (Internation Sign Association) sent out this update that paint sprayers who are not certified, like painters at CNP Signs & Graphics are, will now be subject to fines from the EPA.

Uncertified Spray Painters Are Now Subject to Fines

The EPA deadline to certify existing spray painters under the NESHAPs 6h rule expired on Monday. This makes it illegal for uncertified painters to practice their profession without restriction. Sign shop painters not certified under the National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants regulations are prohibited from spray coating if they have not been trained in newly imposed spray-coating requirements. The rule requires employee training (classroom and hands-on); approved spray guns, filters and prep booths; and annual notification and record-keeping of compliance. ISA has trained more than 250 paint technicians and will hold several more Web training sessions to ensure thorough industry compliance

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