Our in-house installation personnel and a nation-wide network of preferred installers enables us to offer quality installation for corporate signage programs, image enhancements and name change conversions on a national, regional or local basis. All of our preferred installers are licensed, insured, and subject to the same quality standards that we demand of ourselves.


A clean, well-lit, and well-maintained sign says a lot about you. It represents your care for your business and your customers. It also speaks for the cleanliness of your facility and for the quality of product you have to offer. However, a poorly maintained sign can give the opposite impression. Let CNP make sure that the first impression is a good one, with our expertise in repairing, replacing and maintaining all types of sign faces and cabinets, regardless of the material or size. Some of the services we offer are:       

  • Nationwide sign inspection and maintenance programs
  • Cleaning of signs and sign faces
  • Re-painting of sign cabinets and poles
  • Repair and replacement of damaged signs and lighting
  • Neon and LED repairs
  • Night patrol to detect lighting problems


Leasing can be an excellent option for clients seeking to minimize the financial impact of developing and purchasing a sign package. Whether you are purchasing your first sign, remodeling an existing location, implementing a new branding program, or expanding your business, CNP can provide you with a number of lease options. Some of the advantages of leasing are:

  • Customized solutions – Leasing provides flexible terms, payment schedules, and lease-end costs.
  • Potential tax advantages – Monthly payments for leases may be treated as operating expenses and written off in the year they are paid.
  • Maximizes purchasing power – Leasing provides you with additional purchasing power that may not otherwise be available.
  • Fast approvals – Most applications can be approved in 1 to 2 business days.
  • Preserves your working capital – Leasing your signs provides you with the opportunity to keep your working capital to operate your business. 100% financing may be available depending on your credit.