Public Art Fabrication Is Not a Trojan Horse

November 9, 2017

Everyone is a critic when it comes to public art. But the fabrication of art made for a public space leaves no room for interpretation. City planners must be confident the statue or art piece can stand the test of the elements. And who better to carry out the designs of an artist creating a public piece than a company like CNP Signs & Graphics that has been erecting outdoor structures for over 70 years.

Artist Robin Brailsford has used the technical expertise of CNP several times over the years. The pictured piece of public art, “Spirited and Faithful” Quartzite Equestrian Statue, is located in the JC Grant Park in Frisco, TX.

CNP Signs & Graphics was responsible for fabricating the aluminum frame and skin into the shape of a horse to the artists specifications. Once the structure of the horse was built, it was wrapped in diamond wire steel mesh so that the artist could apply pieces of quartzite flagstone for the body.

When completed the horse was 7 ft tall and weighed over a 1,000 pounds. The horse was shipped to the Dallas area and installed using engineered,epoxy-concrete footings.

For more information about Public Art fabrication and installation, please visit CNP Signs & Graphics.

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