News Alert – Signs Still Work

November 9, 2017

Turns out signs on buildings are still attracting the attention of potential customers. With so many sexy online ways to promote your business, the stout monument sign, the tried and true channel letters and the always reliable building signs have gotten scant attention in the past few years.

But not because those avenues for business promotion are not working, says USA Today in a recent article. “Besides being pretty cheap,” says writer Rhonda Abrams, “they’re persistent.” So many ads on TV or the web appear burn brightly on your computer screen for a few moments, and then they are gone. Facebook posts, writes Abrams, get pushed down within an hour.

But signs stick around – especially if they are from CNP Signs & Graphics. Once they are installed, they don’t need to be fiddled with or constantly updated like so many social media tools. A sign, once designed and installed, often doesn’t need to be modified or adjusted for years. And if you’ve got long-lasting LED lights, you probably won’t have to change the lights for the rest of the decade.

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