Magic? No. Just the Paint Department.

November 10, 2017

What do you do when the client requests 300 lb. bronze letters hung from the ceiling? You can either reinforce the ceiling, or you can make bronze weigh less. CNP Signs & Graphics chose the latter for their work with Harrah’s Rincon resort, a Vegas-style casino and resort in San Diego, CA.

When Harrah’s originally contracted CNP Signs & Graphics to provide new signage for their buffet and café areas, the specifications called for deep, polished bronze letters attached to glass panels that hung from the ceiling. Solid or cast bronze letters would be prohibitively heavy and cause safety concerns, so a modern marvel called Luminore was used by CNP to cut the weight to a fraction of the original specifications.

Luminore is the kind of product that gets CNP paint pros excited. It’s a metalizing system that allows us to apply a layer of real metal quickly and easily over almost any lightweight substrate or core material. The new metal veneer cures quickly, rendering a finished surface that is absolutely indistinguishable from solid metal. This process works much like paint because it can be sprayed, brushed, etc. The result is almost a perfect match to a solid metal or cast letter.

CNP Signs & Graphics is able to think outside the box, and come up with solutions using modern miracles in bottle like Luminore to produce stunning results for its customers.

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