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Best Sign Company for Public Works Projects

As the transportation needs of the nation’s largest cities continues to expand, their public works projects get bigger and bigger.  Over the years, CNP Signs & Graphics has shown itself able to take on these large-scale projects [ie. signage for Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and San Diego International (SAN)].  Today we are positioned for even bigger projects.

Public Works Sign Projects Require Skilled WorkersLarge projects such as LAX and LA Metro (Blue Line) oftentimes require their subcontractors (including sign companies) to have specifically trained and certified work forces.  For instance, LAX required background checks to allow installers to work in CBP sensitive areas.  The LA Metro project required extensive training for working on/around live trains.  Having workers who have gone through this process and are familiar is a big advantage as the learning curve is not quite as steep.

While there are a few large scale sign companies in the US, there aren’t many here in California.  CNP Signs & Graphics has a highly-skilled work force large enough to handle the scope of signage the largest public works projects often demand.  Smaller companies simply don’t have the production capabilities to quickly and effectively produce the sheer volume of signs in the time allotted.  Of course, manpower isn’t the only factor.  Our experience in the industry is first and foremost.  Having been in business since 1939 (and owned by the same family), we’ve been building signs for over 70 years now.

In the past, CNP has been awarded a lot of the custom projects from local design firms.   These were comprised, for the most part, of smaller projects (businesses, parks, smaller public spaces like hospitals, etc.).  However, over the past 15 years as we’ve completed much larger projects, we’ve started garnering attention from the elite contractors.  National firms (such as McCarthy, Kiewit/Sundt and Walsh/Austin) now seek out companies with special skill, capabilities and experience such as CNP to complete their project signage.

Our successful completion of very large projects, like LAX International, has prompted large construction companies to invite CNP to participate in even more public works bidding processes.  Combining our large scale, public works projects with our smaller scale, design firm driven experience, CNP is ready for the future of public works projects.

SD Airport Hires CNP for Directional Signs

San Diego Airport knows how to direct traffic.  It makes sense, therefore, that they should hire CNP Signs & Graphics, experts at directional and wayfinding systems, to produce and install electronic message boards for the terminal loop.  Drivers will have an easy time knowing where to go with these easy-to-read displays which are due to be installed in October.

The San Diego Airport continues to expand and improve their facilities, adding not only modern messaging centers to direct traffic, but also additional terminals and parking opportunities for the users of this, the 27th largest airport in the country.  CNP has been chosen to complete other work for the SD Airport in the past as well as extensive work on directional signage for the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

LAX Continues to Grow

The Tom Bradley International Terminal’s “West Wing” is taking shape.  The massive public works project started in 2007 is set to revamp the hastily built international terminal built for the 1984 Summer Olympics.  The current project employs over 4000 people, including CNP Signs & Graphics, who built and installed directional and wayfinding signage in earlier phases of the build.

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