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News Alert – Signs Still Work

Turns out signs on buildings are still attracting the attention of potential customers.  With so many sexy online ways to promote your business, the stout monument sign, the tried and true channel letters and the always reliable building signs have gotten scant attention in the past few years. 

But not because those avenues for business promotion are not working, says USA Today in a recent article.  “Besides being pretty cheap,” says writer Rhonda Abrams, “they’re persistent.”  So many ads on TV or the web appear burn brightly on your computer screen for a few moments, and then they are gone.  Facebook posts, writes Abrams, get pushed down within an hour. 

But signs stick around – especially if they are from CNP Signs & Graphics.  Once they are installed, they don’t need to be fiddled with or constantly updated like so many social media tools.  A sign, once designed and installed, often doesn’t need to be modified or adjusted for years.  And if you’ve got long-lasting LED lights, you probably won’t have to change the lights for the rest of the decade.

In and Out Burger in Dallas

Hungry burger lovers in the Dallas area flocked to their first-in-the-state In and Out Burger franchises earlier this month.  News agencies around the world picked up on this story, from the Huffington Post and USA Today to Le Monde in France (no doubt they had something nice to say about the famous American hamburger).

More exciting than the lines and the grand openings, though – the signs.  Built by CNP Signs and Graphics, the molded plastic monument signs, directionals and building accent were a beacon to the thousands of In and Out well-wishers and devotees.

CNP has partnered with In and Out to do their signage as they expand into the Dallas market. 

LA Drops Plans to Tighten Restrictions on Business Signs

LA businesses and the signs industry have won an important fight against harsh restrictions and fines considered by the City of Los Angeles, reports the Los Angeles Business Journal this morning.  The rules were considered by many business owners to be excessive – fines for a violation of a sign measuring 20 x 20 were proposed to be $6,000 for the first violation, $12,000 for the second, and $24,000 for the third. 

Instead the city is considering a proposal from business groups and the sign industry to levy a fee on all business owners with sign permits. The money would go to hire more inspectors to target thousands of business signs without permits, writes the Journal.

As we noted in the CNP Signs & Graphics blog months ago, the changes proposed by the City were highly restrictive. “The City of Los Angles wanted outdoor pole signs reduced from 42 feet to 25 feet,”  says Roy Flahive of CNP Signs & Graphics, a national sign company located in San Diego, CA.  “The signage allotment for a piece of property would have been reduced from 4 sq feet to 1 sq foot, per lineal foot of frontage, and it would have reduced monument signs by half.”

The new fees levied against businesses with legal signs will go toward hiring new inspectors.  These inspectors will be targeting the large number of illegal signs in the City.  Some estimates of illegal signage are up to 50% of all signs in the incorporated area. Business groups and anti-sign activists can agree on one thing – the illegal signs add to the problem of clutter and excessive ambient light.