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Jack in the Box menu panels from the mid-60’s are being installed in the Smithsonian reports the San Diego UT. Unfortunately this is not the chance for museum-goers to grab a Breakfast Jack while looking at a copy of the Declaration of Independence or the paintings of Dutch Masters. It is part of an exhibit on the eating habits of Americans and highlights Jack in the Box’s early adoption of the very American phenomenon – drive-thru dining.

The Famous Jack in the Box Head

The menu panels are part of the early speaker boxes that featured a Jack in the Box head above. Due to space constraints, the Smithsonian isn’t able to take the heads as well. All of the versions of these early speaker boxes, menu boards, and Jack heads were fabricated by CNP Signs & Graphics in San Diego, California.

“There’s a good chance our grandfather made those panels,” said Rick McCarter, President of CNP Signs & Graphics. “He’d be pretty surprised they were headed to the Smithsonian.”

CNP continues to make signs for Jack in the Box as well as other drive-thru dining establishments more often referred to these days as fast food restaurants. CNP Signs & Graphics is a full-service signage and graphics company with US manufacturing facilities. They do business with a wide range of clients from city public works projects to hospitals and shopping centers and have been in business for over 70 years.

Jack in the Box Hits Home Run in Angels Stadium

Baseball fans in Anaheim have options beyond hot dogs this season. Jack in the Box, a major supporter of Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball and one of the nation’s leading hamburger chains, has opened three new locations inside the stadium.

CNP Signs & Graphics Installs Massive Jack in the Box sign in Angels Stadium

The new restaurants, one each along the 1st and 3rd base concourses, and a larger one in the outfield behind section 255, mark the first Jack in the Box locations located inside a sports venue.

It’s going to take quite a drive from Angels hitters to reach the 23 ft. wide by 20 ft. tall Jack in the Box sign in the outfield. But as the only illuminated sign in the outfield it will be easy for them to spot. However, even a big hit is unlikely to damage the sign which was produced and installed in record time by CNP Signs & Graphics in San Diego, CA. Because of the high-profile location of the sign, City of Anaheim planners were very particular about the placement and strength of the sign structure.

Coordinating with multiple stakeholders, complicated engineering requirements, and the extremely short time frame combined to make this a challenging project. The time frame was so short, in fact, final approval for the construction of the sign came only 8 days before it needed to be loaded onto a truck and driven to the stadium.

Angels Stadium has the 5th highest attendance in all of Major League Baseball, with over three million people watching from inside the stadium last season. Because of the location and the number of fans in the vicinity during games, city planners required extensive modification and safety engineering. Compared with all the coordination and permitting, the actual building of the sign and lifting it over the outfield wall with a 90 ton, 220 ft. boom crane was a snap.

Tight schedules are an everyday occurrence for sign builders. But this kind of deadline raised some eyebrows around the CNP Signs & Graphics shop. In the end, the razor-thin engineering tolerances and fabrication came together with quick efficiency on the shop floor. When the big sign was finally lifted over the stadium wall and set into place on the reinforced steel beams, it was a perfect fit.

CNP Signs & Graphics worked with Jack in the Box and Angels stadium representatives every step of the way to make sure the signs, menu boards, and additional lighting were delivered and installed on time and done right the first time. With the incredibly tight schedule, there was no room for second chances. Luckily, the folks at CNP hit the first pitch out of the park.

Jack in the Box sign is the only illuminated sponsor sign in the Angels outfield

Jack in the Box Tries Google Wallet

Jack in the Box, according to is testing out the Google payment system called Google Wallet in 35 stores in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

A Jack in the Box spokesperson says the move was driven by the desire to keep up with technology and to give customers greater convenience in their payment options.