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SD Airport Hires CNP for Directional Signs

San Diego Airport knows how to direct traffic.  It makes sense, therefore, that they should hire CNP Signs & Graphics, experts at directional and wayfinding systems, to produce and install electronic message boards for the terminal loop.  Drivers will have an easy time knowing where to go with these easy-to-read displays which are due to be installed in October.

The San Diego Airport continues to expand and improve their facilities, adding not only modern messaging centers to direct traffic, but also additional terminals and parking opportunities for the users of this, the 27th largest airport in the country.  CNP has been chosen to complete other work for the SD Airport in the past as well as extensive work on directional signage for the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).


Anti-graffiti is nothing new.  Graffiti itself has existed since ancient times, with examples dating back to the Roman Empire.  So you can bet there have been business owners looking for better ways to remove graffiti for thousands of years.  Today it can still be found in just about every city in the world – on walls, windows, transportation, and signs. 

Until fairly recently, there wasn’t much that could be done to protect signs or buildings from vandals – it was generally less a preventative measure than a reactionary one.  To remove graffiti from a sign, for example, without damaging the sign itself is a very difficult and costly undertaking.  However, with the development of anti-graffiti products such as protective films and specially sealed paints, the protective measures moved from reactionary to preventative. 

Several products have been developed to allow signage to be protected against paint, ink, and scratching.  We’ll outline a few of the basic products available that allow CNP Signs to offer better protection for your signage and keep the area they are installed in looking clean and inviting.

Anti-graffiti products can be placed into two basic categories – sacrificial and permanent.  Sacrificial products are perhaps the most common, as they can be applied to the signage after it’s been installed.  These provide a protective barrier, and once graffiti is applied, the product is removed leaving the sign clean.  The product is then re-applied.  These are available in films or sprays (like a clear coat), with films being the prevalent product on the market.  Films also protect against scribing (or scratching) and are very commonly found on glass.  While these are generally less expensive than permanent products, they can be more costly in the long run, as they need to be re-applied every time graffiti takes place.    

Permanent products are not as widely used (mostly due to higher up front cost), but are much more effective in the fight against graffiti.  These products are applied while the signage is being manufactured, and become an integral part of the sign face.  The clear coat dries hard, just like any other clear coat, sealing the surface.  When the sign is tagged (sprayed by a vandal), the paint doesn’t adhere as well as normal, which is the first deterrent.  If the “artist” continues and completes his “work”, once the spray paint (or marker, etc) is dried, it can be wiped clean with a simple solvent in most cases.  The coating remains, undamaged.  While the permanent products cost more up front, in the long run, they are often the better option. 

As CNP Signs and Graphics keeps step with the newest technology in the fight against graffiti, we’re not only keeping your signs clean, we’re helping keeping America clean.

Public Art Fabrication Is Not a Trojan Horse

Everyone is a critic when it comes to public art.  But the fabrication of art made for a public space leaves no room for interpretation.  City planners must be confident the statue or art piece can stand the test of the elements.  And who better to carry out the designs of an artist creating a public piece than a company like CNP Signs & Graphics that has been erecting outdoor structures for over 70 years.

Brailsford's "Spirited and Faithful" 2010

Artist Robin Brailsford has used the technical expertise of CNP several times over the years.  The pictured piece of public art, “Spirited and Faithful” Quartzite Equestrian Statue, is located in the JC Grant Park in Frisco, TX.   

CNP Signs & Graphics was responsible for fabricating the aluminum frame and skin into the shape of a horse to the artists specifications. Once the structure of the horse was built, it was wrapped in diamond wire steel mesh so that the artist could apply pieces of quartzite flagstone for the body.

When completed the horse was 7 ft tall and weighed over a 1,000 pounds.  The horse was shipped to the Dallas area and installed using engineered,epoxy-concrete footings.

For more information about Public Art fabrication and installation, please visit CNP Signs & Graphics.