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LAX Continues to Grow

The Tom Bradley International Terminal’s “West Wing” is taking shape.  The massive public works project started in 2007 is set to revamp the hastily built international terminal built for the 1984 Summer Olympics.  The current project employs over 4000 people, including CNP Signs & Graphics, who built and installed directional and wayfinding signage in earlier phases of the build.

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World’s Largest Sign Convention

The World’s largest sign convention, The Expo, is coming to Las Vegas later this month.  The International Sign Association (ISA) hosts this mega-convention that features over 1,800 booths. More than 20,000 attendees are expected to attend the event whose key-note speaker this year is retired four-star Gen. Stanley McChrystal.  McCrystal will speak about his four-star management strategy which focuses on openness, teamwork and forward thinking strategies.

The seminar will feature the latest products, technology and applications for the sign industry; from the most sophisticated computer programs to sheet metal fabrication and sign installation equipment and crane trucks.  But one of the largest functions of The Expo is creating networking opportunities for the attendees and exhibitors.  For CNP Signs & Graphics it means connecting with knowledgeable sign installers and servicers across the country to better their serve national accounts.

The Expo will be held at the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas with educational and networking events on April 27th, and the largest number of seminars of any past ISA convention on the 28th and 29th.  These educational programs include everything from crane operation safety to adapting the wisdom of the Art of War (Sun Tzu’s military strategy book from 590 BC) into your dealings with contractors.  This seminar does not include enhanced interrogation techniques, but negotiation strategies and tips on avoiding conflict.

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LA Drops Plans to Tighten Restrictions on Business Signs

LA businesses and the signs industry have won an important fight against harsh restrictions and fines considered by the City of Los Angeles, reports the Los Angeles Business Journal this morning.  The rules were considered by many business owners to be excessive – fines for a violation of a sign measuring 20 x 20 were proposed to be $6,000 for the first violation, $12,000 for the second, and $24,000 for the third. 

Instead the city is considering a proposal from business groups and the sign industry to levy a fee on all business owners with sign permits. The money would go to hire more inspectors to target thousands of business signs without permits, writes the Journal.

As we noted in the CNP Signs & Graphics blog months ago, the changes proposed by the City were highly restrictive. “The City of Los Angles wanted outdoor pole signs reduced from 42 feet to 25 feet,”  says Roy Flahive of CNP Signs & Graphics, a national sign company located in San Diego, CA.  “The signage allotment for a piece of property would have been reduced from 4 sq feet to 1 sq foot, per lineal foot of frontage, and it would have reduced monument signs by half.”

The new fees levied against businesses with legal signs will go toward hiring new inspectors.  These inspectors will be targeting the large number of illegal signs in the City.  Some estimates of illegal signage are up to 50% of all signs in the incorporated area. Business groups and anti-sign activists can agree on one thing – the illegal signs add to the problem of clutter and excessive ambient light.