Electronic Signs

Electronic signs are also known as EMCs, or Electronic Message Centers, and are a newer and constantly evolving form of signage. Descended from the incandescent bulb matrices of the 50s, 60s and 70s, modern EMCs use grids of long life LEDs, or large format LCD screens to achieve clarity and eye catching brilliance that makes their content stand out. Electronic Message Centers offer an exciting twist on traditional Graphic based signage. The most common type seen today is the monochrome LED display, but these are rapidly being eclipsed by full color displays, which are capable of not only displaying text, but video images as well. Due to the nature of the light source, the power consumption of these displays is surprisingly low for the exposure they provide. Given the power of electronic advertising, however, EMCs are destined to have a bright future and an increasing number of businesses are seeing the need for them.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Flexible and Targeted Advertising

  • Targets Impulse Buyers

  • Increases Street Presence

  • Enhances Branding

  • Consolidates Advertising

  • Improves Visibility

  • Broadcast Public Service messages

Don't let your message stand still while your customers pass you by. At CNP, we can tailor each EMC to match the specific needs of your project. Contact us today and find an EMC that is right for you.